The best laptop security by Syfer is the right website when you are looking for appropriate security for your computer or laptop. Good security for your laptop and accessories is very important because purchasing a laptop is really expensive. In addition to that you don't want to lose any information on your device. also prevents the theft of laptop batteries, usb-sticks and other extra laptop equipment. has a wide range of products like hardware tools and software tools with which your laptop can be secured. These tools are all available at and you will also find the necessary information which is needed to let these tools work efficiently. ensures that your laptop is safe, just like it is supposed to be.

The selection of hardware and software on is very broad. The most well-known security programs in this selection are Laptop Alarm and Laptop Tracing. The former is very useful when you use your laptop in public spaces, like for example libraries and schools. When Laptop Alarm is installed on your laptop, an alarm sets off when the battery is being disconnected from the laptop. It doesn't only work for batteries, it also works for a USB-stick, computer mouse, earplugs or other accessories. This way you can easily leave your laptop unattended for a short period of time, for example when going to the toilet, looking for a teacher or printing documents. The other option, Laptop Tracing, is an ideal program when the laptop has been stolen. This tool traces your laptop whenever it connects to the internet. When you know where the laptop is, you can take action by informing the police.

With these tools, makes sure your laptop and accessories will remain in your possession.